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02 March 2007

Panto Season

Happy 2007 to all readers - just a little belated!

But as a last furious gasp of the festivities that mark the transition from Winter to Spring, please do check out the Lewes Arms Dramatic Society's Panto, which is coming up on 6th-10th March. This is a unique, inventive and very funny, very adult offshoot of the Pantomime tradition, and comes highly recommended precisely because it doesn't take itself seriously. Though come to that, not many traditional pantomimes do, either.

But let's never forget that "amateurs" by definition do whatever they do out of love for it - all money raised goes to local good causes. This is LADS' 3oth year and panto, and as such they hope to add significantly to the £30,000+ so far raised for charity.

If you live anywhere near Lewes, then please do check out the link above, and I hope to see you there.
Book your tickets before the chance is Behind You!

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