Fishy Tales

22 February 2006

Good for the Soul

I'd like to plug some worthy musical endeavours by a couple of friends, so I will. Especially directed at those who, like me, find an occasional soak in mellow acoustic stuff good for the soul.

First there's Inky's new track Balfour Street (which you can hear at the link) sung by Annabel Lamb, with guitar by Steve Hackett , subtly backed by Roger King on cello. Very nice indeed, and worth much more than the 99p being asked for - especially as that is all going to the charity HOPE for Children. So check out Inky's message on the HOPE site and see if you feel inclined to contribute another few quid to a good cause.

Second there's Paul Forrest's long-awaited album Music Of The Trees. The title says it all, really, though I should say that Paul has made the trees a wee bit more vocal than you may be used to, with the aid of various string, wind and percussion instruments. The result is most relaxing - possibly even "healing" as advertised! Check out the track samples and see what you think.

Oh, and I still reckon my mate John is mad - or at least extremely generous - to leave Nighthealing available for free, most especially the last two tracks Freefall and Lunar. I advise all readers to get this stuff downloaded before he comes to his senses.