Fishy Tales

05 September 2005

Balmy Stuff

I confess to having been a little glum for the last couple of days, having just come back to earth with a bump from a near-perfect holiday in Bath, Salcombe, Penzance (taking in St Ives and notably the Tate where I fell for the work of Paul Feiler), and - last but foremost - Coverack (where you simply must go windsurfing).

So I deeply appreciated my bro Steve (creator of the world-famous UndoUnderwear) (for his sins) sending me the following and putting a great big smile on my face:

JCB Song

Check it out.
And then we can all go Ahhhhhh together!

The band is Nizlopi, by the way, and you can buy their album using a link from the video page.

18th December: ..and now the JCB Song is Number 1 in the UK Charts.
A Top Laugh indeed!