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17 May 2005

Force Smiles

With the final Star Wars film Revenge of the Sith about to hammer the wallets of parents all over the world, I reckon it's a good time to mention a couple of affectionate spoofs/retellings of the Saga available on the Web.

First and foremost, go and check out Dude Studios, who offer Flash-animated (cartoon) 5-minute retellings of every film from the original trilogy and also of the Phantom Menace.
Great fun, particularly finding out how they have managed to condense the stories.

Then go and see how organic vegetables* are much better at playing Star Wars characters than people, at .
Utterly brilliant, and very funny indeed.

*Maybe George Lucas wrote his scripts with vegetables in mind?

15th August: About time I incorporated a proper link to the Star Wars Gangsta Rap (SE) . Well cool !


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