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03 May 2005

Swings and Roundabouts

There's definitely a bit of a confluence happening at the moment.
A few months back I had my interest in Brian Eno rekindled when hearing him interviewed by Alan Moore (another sterling character) on Radio 4, this interest ably fortified by a mate lending me Eno & Fripp's The Equatorial Stars. This resulted in my taking a little journey into Eno's music whilst driving into/back from work; a journey that's very likely to continue.

This morning I heard Eno on the radio (yes, Radio 4 again, I'm afraid) publicising a new website, and what is his website promoting? Near enough exactly my blog's own election-time theme, for which I've found many echoes of my own:

Come Polling Day, I'd like to think that fear won't win out, especially an unreasonable fear of the Tories getting in "by the back door" if Labour voters switch to the Lib Dems, and that there is some scope for real change. Such as a new and vibrant opposition with a real (and consistent) vision.

I'd like to think that the lowest common denominators of conservatism, self-interest and yes, apathy, won't win out over our long-lasting love of individual freedom, eccentricity and the odd bit of complete bloody-mindedness.

I'd like to think that the state won't win this time.


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