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27 April 2005

My Benefactors

OK, first post seemed to work pretty well, so let's get busy!

I may as well start with a little nod to those that brought me here:
  • Tens of millions of bloggers worldwide; a complete riot of individualism and often colourful self-expression. Quite a party, and I just had to join in some time.
  • The current UK election, primarily as reported by the BBC, for putting such a big bee in my bonnet that I was bound to blow my top, lose my head, fail to keep my hair on and find it impossible to keep things under my hat.
  • Really it was the Iraq War that first switched me to web-rant mode, tied in with discovering Cursor and Iraq Body Count. So perhaps I should be crediting Our Benefactors. Eek! But I'd much rather credit the Lib Dems for standing by principle (and arguably with the majority of the electorate), against the war. Also a nod in the direction of Robin Cook, who resigned from the cabinet and made a brilliant and compelling resignation speech when Blair decided cosying up to Bush was more important than acting according to a reasonable appraisal of the facts, simultaneously bypassing any twinges of conscience for the inevitable death of tens of thousands of innocent civilian casualties.
  • fitted the same bill as Cursor for me recently, in showing in no uncertain terms that (a) I wasn't alone in thinking what I was thinking and (b) I could perhaps offer something similar to like-minded people in the UK and globally. And that some readers may even appreciate my doing so. Well, I can dream.
  • Finally, Blogger made it ridiculously easy to get a blog up and running, while still tying it in with my existing website (not to say I won't make it better tied in).
So here we are. Bet you can't guess what I'm going to be writing about now, given that there's a week until the (UK) election!
See next week's thrilling post.

Probably tomorrow, actually.

Interesting weather today, by the way. Major thunderstorm in Foots Cray, hailstones, flash flood and all. Lovely and sunny when I got back to Barcombe. A bit cold, though.


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