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19 July 2005

Thank God for Satire

Just (re)discovered the highly satirical UK web publication the Rockall Times, and have been laughing my head off. Excellent stuff, does wonders for the soul. And, incidentally, is a fine example of freedom of speech in action. The day this kind of writing is threatened or damaged by legislation (e.g. the proposed Religious Hatred Law , just possibly) is the day we must stand up for our right to send up, regardless of how powerful the people or organisations in the firing line.

Anyway, in the latest article in the RT, Defiant Brits Battle On there is a paragraph which I just have to share:
..the problem lies in the Koran's failure to explicitly rule out suicide bombing as a legitimate weapon of jihad. One scholar told The Rockall Times: "Apart from the bit about not killing people, the Holy Scriptures are notoriously vague on the matter of killing people. You Christians have the same problem with the Bible, I understand."


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